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‎Stock Market Options Trading on Apple Podcasts

Many investors use the terms”near-the” and “at the-money” in the trading of options. A short-selling method is borrowing stocks from a broker in order to sell it before the price exceeds an agreed-upon price. This strategy can be an excellent option for those who aren’t able to commit large amounts of money to trading stocks. Although short-selling may seem simple however, there are risks and expenses. The basic idea behind short-selling an investment is to take shares of the stock from a different investor.

And so they’re essentially saying, oh, you know, I’m a buyer of this stock, you know, how can I position in options so that, you know, I’m only risking X amount of dollars rather than tenfold that amount. And so that’s one, you know, particular way to do that. Now, if I would say, you know, options are not for everyone. And you know, it takes some learning around, you know, like how they work. There’s a lot more variables in an option than there is on a stock, essentially you are.

The main content of their podcast is a series called ‘How to become a better trader’. They have a total of 5 episodes dedicated to teaching beginners about option trading thoroughly. They invite many popular and successful stock traders and investors in their podcast.

William Pareto was an Italian economist, who lived way back then, I don’t know when he lived. So you can Google it if you want to end he discovered while doing some research that 80% of the wealth in Italy at the time was controlled by just 20% of the people. You know, I just wanna buy a bunch of these calls cuz I’m euphoric or I wanna buy a bunch of these puts at the lows because I’m terrified, you know, those sorts of things. And so you can see this call spread or you can see this credit put spread on that stock chart, really understand what your risk reward is all defined risk. You know, we don’t allow on the platform for somebody just to, you know, sell a bunch of puts, right?

The Advisors Option

Strangles are undefined risk trades where we take risk on both sides of the market, and trading a high IV product means more credit up front. Tastytrade host Tony Battista provides 2 options trade ideas for you to consider. The time value of an option is the price that an investor expects to pay for it in the event that the underlying security moves in the direction of his expectation. The intrinsic value of an option is higher the time it takes to exercise.

options trading podcasts

And, you know, we’ve been kicking around this idea for a couple of years about, you know, the retail space and options. Then just as like a little bit of a background on how that looks retail options trading looks very different than institutional options trading. And when you see institutional options order flow, it tends to be multi-leg options. A lot of times it’s against, you know, positions that they have at the, you know, hedge fund or institution or mutual fund. In the type of market conditions that we’re currently experiencing with plenty of volatility and no apparent end yet to the downturn.

A Holistic View of Option Strike Prices

And the podcasts don’t only talk about one specific topic of options trading. They can give you lots of knowledge and information about options trading. Option strike prices are an absolutely critical concept to master if you’re going to seriously trade options at any point in the future. Without a holistic and firm understanding of what strike prices are, how they work, why they are different than break-even prices, you cannot be adequately prepared to safely trade options. And therefore, because we want to help all traders place smarter trades, we’ve devoted this show to answering your questions around option strike prices. Follow us each week as we discuss new option trades that create income.

In this episode of the Modern Stock & Options Trading Show, you will learn about a variation on one of host Russ Mathews favorite trading strategies – the Poor Man’s Covered Call Trade. Russ will teach you what it is, why it is so powerful and how the mechanics differ from the traditional covered call. The covered call is one of the bread-and-butter strategies to generate income safely and this variation uses less cash but also adds complexity. The Poor Man’s Covered Call is illustrated with two examples. In this episode of the Modern Stock & Options Trading Show, you will learn about one of host Russ Mathews favorite trading strategies – the Collar Trade.

But this isn’t preschool, this is where traders become better traders. In options trading, time value refers to the difference between the intrinsic and premium values of an option. All options have time values, whether they are in cash or out of the money. The longer an option is allowed to run until its expirationdate, the greater the time value. If the time value is zero, the option is not intrinsically value. Time value is the most important factor in options trading.

Trade adjustments are ways to manage existing trades that are in place and working – to get extra income or improve your situation in the trade. Managing trades is one of the key ways professional traders and successful home traders increase their returns and minimizing risk. In this episode of the Modern Stock & Options Trading Show, you will hear host Russ Mathews’s view on the current market and where the bottom will likely be. In addition, he covers how to position your portfolio for playing the rebound after the current worldwide health crisis.

Four reasons are given why investing and staying in are the best alternative vs. hiding out in cash. Stop asking these types of questions and focus on your analysis and risk management. The stock market is simply a way for you to express your opinion in a financial way. Ex-market makers and suburban moms, Liz and Jenny, break down strategies and get to the basics of option trading.

Podcast – Episode 130 – How To Trade (And Profit From) The FED

And you know, for instance, we do an earnings calendar where it shows how options are pricing, the expected moves for all of those earnings as these companies report. And that’s a great gut check for an investor that owns those stocks or for somebody that’s already, you know, trading options to sort of set their expectations of what the market is pricing. And then on top of that, we have, you know, a blog and content called learn options. If you are long calls and puts, you’re really not getting that opportunity for that follow through for that, you know, call put to really be effective. So from an investor in trading standpoint, you have to realize how expensive these options are. And you know, those things I was mentioning earlier about credit spreads and essentially, you know, positioning outside of this range, that’s the way I would be looking at this market.

Each week, they gather for a fast-paced, half-hour show that focuses on how to increase profits and limit losses using common option techniques. Fresh from the trading desk, the “Options Action” panel demystifies the daunting terminology often used when talking about options, and simplifies this fast-growing and crucial corner of the market. I don’t know if he got it from somewhere else.

Latest podcast episodes about options trading

Consistent trading often means hitting many singles vs. swinging for the fences and trying to hit homeruns. In this episode of the Modern Stock & Options Trading Show, Russ looks at a topic skipped by most traders – practice. In trading this means simulated trading or paper trading.

Initiative equips investors with the proper tools they need to navigate through the markets with higher probability option trading. The time value of an option refers to the premium that an investor pays in excess of its intrinsic value. For example, if Alphabet Inc. stock is valued at $1,044 per share, the price of the call option of $950 is trading at $97. In other terms, its intrinsic value is $94, but its time value is $3. The premium will be higher if the expiration date is longer.

They cover all of the basics of option trading here. And now you know, we weren’t bluffing when we said that The Weekly Option is the best podcast for beginners in option trading. There have been 215 episodes of The Option Alpha Podcast till now, and they will be uploading a lot of new podcasts in the coming days. Their goal is to make you develop you from a short term trader to long term trader. Most of their podcasts cover this topic efficiently. You can use this time to listen to some options podcasts.

Russ will teach you what it is, why it is so powerful and the proper mechanics to execute the trade. This is one of the bread and butter strategies to generate income safely. Options basics are explained in this episode and the Collar trade is illustrated with two examples. In this episode of the Modern Stock & Options Trading Show, you will learn about how to generate double digit returns by combining the collar trade strategy with REITs securities. REITs trade on stock exchanges just like stocks and they have options just like stocks – yet they are a non-correlated asset class. With the stock market breaking out to all-time highs, it is a good way to generate double digit returns with downside protection in an asset class other than stocks.

In this episode of the Modern Stock & Options Trading Show, you will learn the ‘how-to’ practical steps to make trade adjustments to loosing options trades. Russ shares his philosophy and rules for making trade adjustments by strategy. Examples are given to bring the rules to life. In this episode of the Modern Stock & Options Trading Show, Russ reflects on the past two years in the markets. 40%-42% of traders started in the past 2 years.


A call option with a strike value of $25 is in the money if the underlying stock is trading for $30 per share. An investor pays an additional fee for an in-the-money call option to purchase the option. Investors are able to exercise the option to earn the difference between the strike price and the market price. While both types of options are profitable Each type of option has its pros and cons.

In addition, he describes why this combination can help the individual investor have a strong chance to consistently beat the market averages. In this episode of the Modern Stock & Options Trading Show, host Russ Mathews will show you the three ways he manages emotions during turbulent markets. In addition, he resets on the arguments for some tactical portfolio management vs. all passive investing. In this episode of the Modern Stock & Options Trading Show, Russ looks into the crystal ball and shares his outlook for 2022. He covers the key macro factors and what it can mean for stocks, fixed income, crypto’s etc. He also then shares a game plan and action steps for how to position portfolios for 2022.

Episode #65:  Inflation Has Peaked – What it Means for Markets

And while we know there is no one-size-fits-all strategy, we believe you can design a bot strategy that assesses the market trend and proactively adapts to current conditions. This “trader’s dream” finally manifested itself in a bot template that become the collective “brainchild” https://forex-reviews.org/ of the amazing Community of traders right here at Option Alpha! The Hexabot, as it’s now lovingly referred to as, was a labor of love, and we are super excited to share it with you. In today’s episode, we introduce you to the Hexabot and share the entire story of it’s origin.

The Fed had their meetings, they did their announcements, they raised rates, a load rate, whatever they mostly are just lowering rate didn’t raise that much over the last like, say 10 years. We wouldn’t even notice as traders, when there was a Fed meeting today. Oh, yeah, cuz nothing futures voor beginners in the market habit, nothing changed didn’t make, you know, Marty was paying attention to what the Fed was doing. So we as traders didn’t have to pay that much attention. That changed in 2022, when the Fed said, Hey, we are going to raise rates, and we’re going to do it aggressively.

And then the problem occurs that there is a problem or a blockage, that is stopping the hero from getting that thing, right? So there is something that he needs to go or do or overcome, or there’s people in the way, and then there is usually a guide. So a person or a tool or something that helps the hero. Now this is kind of like the Obi wan to Luke, or the Dumbledore to Harry Potter, right?

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